What we do

  • Coordination
    Through periodic visits to the diocesan groups, correspondence, and communications, BCSM facilitates networking and strengthens the consolidation process undertaken by its constituency.
  • Formation
    Formation program at the diocesan level and unit levels for the members are organized to supplement, systematize, and consolidate mutual learning experiences and deepening process among faith and commitment themselves.
  • Publication and Documentation
    Our publication entitled BCSM BARTA helps in providing the information and stimulation to BCSM members and friends. Also, the online documentation by the media team helps in the record-keeping of the movement.
  • International Solidarity
    Witnessing to justice and participation in the process of integral human development with other social forces is a goal BCSM continues to initiate campaigns for national and international solidarity.
  • Extension work
    Extension works, done through correspondence, visitations, and assistance in the formulation of national programs have been identified in Region where the presence of unit activities is yet to be established.
  • Representation and External Relations
    BCSM has been in correspondence with and participated in the activities of our fellow organizations and friends. This promotes collaboration and develops stronger bonds between BCSM and other movements and organizations.
  • Organizing Training and Workshops:
    BCSM organizes many seminars and training programs for the members for their self-development processing. BCSM organizes National Conferences, leadership Training, Writing Workshops, etc. for the skill development of the members.
  • Study Sessions
    It is a fundamental activity of BCSM, the study session is constructed based on different national and international issues with the reflection from the Holy Bible. Later on, based on the decisions from the study session actions are implemented