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Since its outbreak COVID 19 has made the world to come into a stand still. Taking its toll on people all around the world, the pandemic COVID 19 has made our life tougher than expected. People are losing

Aditya John Rodriguez: I am a Higher Secondary Certificate Examiner. I felt like the biggest victim of this pandemic situation. So, from the beginning I was trying to comfort myself by learning something

Since last March, Bangladesh has fallen victim to the pandemic COVID 19. Not only it has spread a hazardous effect over humanity, but it has also brought every action into a standstill. Like all other

The whole world is going through a pandemic. The covid-19 outbreak is the reason of this pandemic. We all are physically detached from each other for last five months. As a youth animator and leader we

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Core Identity

Bangladesh Catholic Students’ Movement, popularly known as BCSM is a movement for College and University going Catholic students in Bangladesh. This movement was started in Bangladesh in the year 1991 and is being continued. BCSM is inspired by the IMCS (International Movement of Catholic Students) and is affiliated with Bangladesh Episcopal Commission for Youth. At present, it exists in 8 Dioceses of Bangladesh and has become a center for the youths of Bangladesh. BCSM Celebrated its Silver Jubilee in 2016.Since its inception in 1991, BCSM has maintained a core identity that is still present in our movement today as we try to address the new challenges facing us. The document “Toward a Re-Definition of the Movement” from the 1975 IMCS Inter-federal Assembly pointed to three main realities in our core identity which are still… Read More

Our Aims

Self Development

Social Transformation

Peace and Justice