Our Methodology

Methodology of BCSM

The process followed to run the movement is stated below:

  • Experiencing the reality/see:

    This is the first step in decision making and planning. Detailed information about the decision to be taken is valued in this step. The situation is seen and information on the situation is collected.

  • Analysis/Judge:

    The decision that is seen or observed is then analyzed in this step and different sectors are sorted. Elaborate discussion is carried out in the context of the observed information.

  • Reflection from a Biblical point of view:

    This step helps in deciding in the context of the Holy Scripture. The decision taken needs to be analyzed both precisely and actively and also it needs to have a spiritual impact on it.

  • Action:

    Action is taken as per the decision. This is not the termination process; rather it is a stepping stone the following works. From this point, the members take a direct part in implementing the plan following the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based) process.

  • Evaluation:

    Coordination of the planning and action is judged in this step. Also, the overall action is further analyzed and proper post-action discussion is done.